Filip Celadnik, Ph.D., LL.M., M.A. is a Solicitor in England and Advokat in the Czech Republic.

Due to his knowledge and expertise of Czech and English law and business, economic and cultural environments, Filip provides personal yet professional and practical in-depth legal services in both countries, and so represents an effective legal consultancy bridge between the UK and Central & Eastern Europe and an alternative to international law firms.

This unique combination enables him to meet the demands of both Czech and English clients operating in one or both jurisdictions or facing problems associated with English law. 

He furthermore provides exclusive legal services in the area of asset management and trust-funds under the new Czech Civil Code which is conceptually based on the rules of English trust, and in the area of English and onshore and offshore trusts and companies (formed eg under the rules of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Bahamas etc).

Filip also specialises in international, domestic and investment arbitration, court litigation and international trade, investments and cross-border transactions. Filip is a member and arbitrator of The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).

His network of legal contacts in the UK and the Czech Republic, high mobility and flexibility for working outside working hours, low fees and willingness and ability to cater to clients’ needs are other aspects which clients acknowledge.

Filip’s clients are individuals, public administration organisations and large, medium-sized and small domestic and foreign international enterprises, as well as law firms seeking help with particular areas of English or Czech law.

Tel. UK:       +447 3847 47149