The legal services in English law and Czech law include especially counselling, providing legal consultancy and expert opinion, representation of clients, preparation of legal documents, legal analysis and research of statutory law and judicature, and service to clients particularly in the following areas:


- International Commercial & Business Affairs, Trade and Investments in the UK and Central & Eastern Europe

- Trusts & Assets Management : trust-funds (fiducie) under the Czech law and English, onshore and offshore trusts and trust-like structures

Litigation and Dispute Resolution: preparation of submissions (claims, motions to initiate proceedings, appeals and extraordinary appeals and others), counselling and representation of clients in proceedings in courts, administrative and other organs of public authorities, domestic, international and investment arbitrations and within alternative dispute resolutions (eg mediation, med-arb, expert activity) in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom

Company Law: formation and constitution of and changes in all types of companies and partnerships in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and the onshore and offshore financial centres, including preparation of constitutional documents, management contracts, organization of and representation in general meetings, mergers and acquisitions including legal due diligence, winding-up and liquidation of companies

Contract Law: preparation and analysis of contracts and other legal documents, counselling in connection with formation of contracts and negotiation with contractual parties, enforcing the rights arising from terminated or invalid contracts or from a breach of contractual duties

Competition Law: legal advising on competition law, protection of competition and protection against unfair competition, representation in front of the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition and English Competition Commission

Insolvency Law: legal advising to creditors and debtors, preparation of application for commencing the insolvency proceedings and the registrations of claims in insolvency proceedings, representation in insolvency proceedings and in adversary-proceeding complaints

Medical Law and Public Health Insurance: operation of healthcare facilities and health insurance companies, enforcement of claims resulting from non lege artis procedures of doctors (compensations for body injuries, for pain and suffering, non-pecuniary damages to health and other)

- Real Estate, Public Tenders, Financial Law, Tax Law, Securities, Intellectual Property (trademarks, designs and industrial property rights), Energy Industries, Wills and Intestacy, Labour Law, Family Law, Right of Privacy and Debt Recovery

Legalization of signatures in accordance with the Czech law (without the need of an apostille) and certification of true copies of original documents in London


Legal assistance with arranging for a residence card (permanent residence) and British citizenship for the citizens of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic living (residing) in the UK


Provision of legal services in all areas of:


- Czech Law

- English Law

- European Union Law

- Private International Law


Acting as an arbitrator in domestic and international commercial disputes


Acting as a trustee under English law and "správce svěřenského fondu" under the Czech law