Filip is a brilliant and highly intelligent lawyer who provided advice in the most complicated cases. He always impresses me with his elegant and amiable demeanor, interpersonal skills and hard work. Filip is a characterful gentleman and talented lawyer of great potential who has our best wishes for his future. (Mgr Ivan Kolář, Director of Citizens Advice Bureaux, 2012)

Filip was a pleasure to have in our office. I was impressed by his intellect and his ability to combine his onerous university commitments with his obligations at Middletons. He impressed me by his application and work product. Filip is a self-assured and confident lawyer and has excellent interpersonal skills. Filip applied himself diligently throughout his time at K&L Gates. (John Kelly, Partner at law firm K&L Gates, Melbourne, Australia, 2011)

Filip Celadnik has been a diligent, highly motivated and hardworking student with deep concern for the law in its theoretical as well as practical form. (Prof JUDr Alena Winterová, CSc, Charles University Law Faculty in Prague, 2010)

Filip Celadnik expressed himself to be exceedingly intelligent, diligent and a talented young man with large professional potential. It is necessary to evaluate Filip Celadnik as a person who can quickly integrate into a collective without losing his own perceptions about problems being solved. (JUDr Eliška Wagnerová, PhD, at that time Vice-Chairwoman of the Constitutional Court, 2009)

I got to know Filip Celadnik as a studious student with excellent study results and with a personal initiative peculiar to him in deepening his professional education and knowledge of particular legal fields. His endeavors in extra-curricular school activities led to representing the Law School in the Championship in Championships in Academic Debates and in the Willem C. Vis Moot in the simulated arbitration proceeding in Vienna. (Prof JUDr Milana Hrušáková, CSc, Dean of the Palacky University Law Faculty in Olomouc, 2009)

Filip expressed remarkable interest in advocacy and acquainted himself with its practical aspects during his work experience in my law firm. Filip proved that he is theoretically highly prepared, and has become swiftly oriented in advocacy. Filip was extraordinary initiative, always decent, and very punctual and rigorous in terms of the performance of working tasks. He demonstrated highly cooperative and interpersonal skill in the team of my law firm. (JUDr Petr Kyselák, Advocate, 2009)

Mgr. Filip Celadnik showed exceptional studiousness, diligence and absolute effort at working on a conferred agenda. He proved outstanding knowledge of legislation, ability to analytically think, by which he demonstrated also the capability to think independently and deduce correct conclusions. Together with fulfilling his tasks, he expressed personal initiative and willingness for continuous education and to enrich himself with knowledge of particular areas of contemporary law. (JUDr Lenka Kaniová, Judge at the Supreme Administrative Court, 2008)

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